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Same-Day Emergency Dentistry in Lake Jackson, TX

Dental Associates of Lake Jackson believes a beautiful and functional smile makes a difference in your life. We offer you and your family a range of dental procedures, ensuring you achieve your dental goals. But we also know that the unforeseen happens. That’s why Dr. Philip Koury and Dr. Andrew Botrous offer emergency dentistry to Lake Jackson, TX patients. If you suffer from tooth pain that only seems to worsen, if you had a tooth knocked out, or if you are dealing with any other dental emergency, we can help by calling our office.

dental professionals looking at x-rays

We Can Handle a Broad Spectrum of Dental Emergencies

Accidents happen, and we can handle many common dental emergencies. Most dental emergencies are easily resolved but painful and difficult to manage at home. Don’t lose sleep, and don’t wait. If you have a toothache, we strongly urge you to contact our offices because toothaches are a symptom of various issues, such as pulp infections. We can also quickly address chips and cracks, loose or knocked-out teeth, soft tissue injuries, and missing or loose restorations, such as crowns. No matter the situation, you can count on our team to respond quickly and see you – even outside normal business hours.

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